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May 9th @ PBL H.S.



WHAT: PBL High School Panther Power Meet


WHEN: May 9, 2009

   (weigh-in 8:30-9:30 am)

   (lifting begins at 10:00 am)


WHERE: PBL High School Weight Room and Gym

                 Panther Way, Paxton, IL, 60957



            In all three lifts, the lifter will pick their own weight.  Once lifting begins, the weight will not go down.  Your first lift should be something that you could get on your worst day.  All lifters will be allowed 3 lifts for each event and a bonus lift for each event if they complete all 3 lifts successfully.  Belts are encouraged on cleans and deadlift.    


            Bench Press:  Lifter will be required to touch the chest and then raise the bar to a full lockout position.  The hips need to stay on the bench.  A spotter may be used, but there must be a clear pause when the spotter lets go of the bar.  The spotter is permitted to rack the bar after full lockout.  Bench shirts will not be allowed.


            Power/Hang Cleans:  The lifter will be allowed to start from a power or hang clean position.  The weight should be brought to the chest and held for a one count.  No bouncing the weight off of the floor.  Once the weight is off the floor, the lift begins. 


            Hex-Bar Deadlift:  The lift starts when the weight leaves the floor.  The weight should be taken to a full lockout position (knees locked and shoulders back) and should be controlled back to the floor.  There is no hitching the weight up the thighs and the lifter should stay in the locked position until the judge has given the “down” command.        



125- under                                                       Girls:

126-137                                                     125-under

138-150                                                        126-145

151-163                                                            146 +






251 +


AWARDS:  Medals will be given to the top three lifters in each weight class for each event.  There will be team trophies for the top 2 teams.  In each event 5 team points will be awarded for a 1st place finish, 3 points for a 2nd place finish, and 1 point for a 3rd place finish.  Ties will be decided by body weight and then by year in school.    


COST:  There will be a $20 entry fee for each lifter.  The entry fee will get you a tee-shirt and a chance at medals for each event. 


DEADLINE:  There really is no deadline, but give me approximate numbers ASAP.  


QUESTIONS:  Call Coach Kean

(217) 379-4331(school)


(217) 637-153(cell)