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Welcome to the new Panther Football Website.  Thank you to Steve Waugh for getting the website up and running.  Hope you find it easy to get around in and find the information you need.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions that would improve the site.


We will update this newsletter every couple months.  We want to use it to highlight important information and dates for our football family.


Our off-season weightlifting program started at the beginning of the 2nd semester.  We are lifting in the weight room after school on a Monday-Wednesday-Thursday split.  Tuesday is our Panther Club “Core” Workout.  Thank you to Chad Vaugn and Jim Gramley for putting these workouts together.  The hours for the weight room are 3:00-4:15.  We have a solid group of young men lifting on a regular basis after school.  We have a few more that are in strength class during school.        

We have more than we want not in the weight room at all.  It is our vision that we have every young man that is participating in football lift year round.  Our program is set up to accommodate the multi-sport athlete.  We ask for support from all of our families to accomplish this.  Please talk to your sons about their lifting, they will be excited to talk about it if they are involved.  




Congratulations to Jefferson Henrichs, Cody Hoogstraat, and Zack Raker for becoming our first members of our 750 Club during max-outs.  They received lifting shorts for their accomplishment.  Members of the 750 Club qualify by totaling over 750 pounds in three lifts, the bench, squat, and clean.


Congratulations to those young men who participated in the weight meet at Oakwood and Maroa.  Results from these meets are listed on this website.


Kessler Sports is in the process of putting together a PBL website that will offer deals on selected products.  You will be able to access this site and order these items directly from Kessler’s.  We will keep you informed on when the site will be available.  Some items that will be on the website will be football shoes, under Armour tops and bottoms in our colors, and a girdle that has hip and butt pads integrated into the material.  They have promised decent prices so we hope it will be a place to save some money.






 We are in the process of meeting with other coaches and finalizing the summer calendar.  We will try to get this out as soon as possible so you can schedule vacations and family trips.  The weight room will be open from 6:00-9:00 a.m. Monday-Wednesday-Thursday.  The only Friday that we have anything scheduled through June and July is during camp which is the last week of July.  All of our skill camps and 7 on 7 games will be on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday evenings during the month of July.  We will finalize these dates soon but we hope this helps in scheduling your hectic summers.


Be committed to yourself and to your teammates by finishing out the year strong in the weight room and in the classroom.  Communicate with the coaches on anything that will impact you as an individual or the team.


If parents have questions or concerns, please feel free to call Coach Wood at 815-541-3249.